KD is at it again

Kevin Durant needs to clam down.Everyone knows by now he has really thin skin because he would talk back to anyone including teenagers on social media. Yesterday Kevin Durant pulled one of his media antics again.

A reporter asked Kevin Durant about the New York Knicks and his free agency coming up this summer and Durant answered it with this “Come on, man. Grow up. Grow up. Yeah, you — grow up. Come on, bro. I come here and go to work every day. I don’t cause no problems. I play the right way, or I try to play the right way. I try to be the best player I can be every possession. What’s the problem? What am I doing to y’all?”


Those were his exact words. Durant needs to understand that the reporter was doing his job and the media would not be asking these questions if he did not sign a 1 year deal to stay with Golden State.

If he would have signed a 4 year deal he would not be getting any of these questions. He put this on himself, in the summer when he is a free agent he needs to sign a long term deal.

Once he signs the deal he will not get anymore questions about free agency, he will get questions about basketball.

Durant is one of the best players on the planet and he needs to know that with his status that he has to do a lot of interviews and media sessions. Golden State is paying him to be a professional on and off the court and especially in the media session before and after games.

Durant is not acting like a pro, he is acting like a child.