The Pelicans need to Trade AD

Over the past couple of days we have heard some of the trade offers the New Orleans Pelicans have received from the Los Angeles Lakers.

The most recent offer the Lakers made to the Pelicans was Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Ivica Zubac and two 1st round picks. All of that for Anthony Davis and Solomon Hill.

The Pelicans need to shove their pride away and accept that offer because no other team will offer more than what the Lakers just did. They offered the Pelicans the whole team.

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The Pelicans do not see what everyone else is seeing, that is that they are not going to get this kind offer from anyone else.

The Boston Celtics will not offer them a trade like this for Anthony Davis. This is a trade you need to accept because the rebuild time frame would be cut in half.

The Pelicans are doing this because they want Anthony Davis to suffer and tank like the Philadelphia 76ers. It took the 76ers over 5 years to build the team that they have now.

I get that you do not want the look a team that lets the players run the team. But the team that Davis wants to go to is offering a once in a life time deal. The Pelicans need to accept that offer right away.