The Phillies need to sign Harper

Earlier today the Philadelphia Phillies made a trade for catcher J.T Realmuto. This can final knock the Bryce Harper domino down.

With this trade the Phillies need to go all in on Bryce Harper, they have the money for him. This a team that can win the division and make a run for the NL title if they sign Harper right now.

ryce 2

Imagine this big 3 Bryce Harper, Rhys Hopkins and J.T Realmuto. That is a really good big 3 to have considering the NL is wide open for anyone.

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Milwaukee Brewers might be as good as they were last year but have no farm system to make trades. Even the Chicago Cubs are in the same boat as those two teams.

That is where the Phillies can take over. The Phillies still have some really good prospects in the minors that they could trade to get a pitcher or another infielder to give the depth.

I’m telling you people after this trade this signing need to happen now if the Phillies really want to win. Just sign Harper to a 9 year 250 million dollar deal. With incentives that can give him 20 million more.