Hunt to the Dog Pound

The Cleveland Browns have announced they have signed former Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt.


This was big and great move for the Browns. They got a lot better on offense, pairing Hunt with Nick Chubb gives the Browns a great 1-2 punch out of the backfield.

Hunt is great running back, pairing him in that offense will help the receivers get one-on-one coverage because defenses have to respect the run now when they play the Browns.

I understand what he did was bad, and he is paying for it. He is now going to anger management classes, and lost his job. Now that he has been given a second chance I think he will make the most of it.

Now this makes the Kansas City Chiefs question if they made the right move by letting go of Hunt. If Hunt has the same success he had in Kansas City, the Browns can be really contenders.

The Pittsburgh Steelers look like they are in rebuild mode, the Ravens are still trying to fix their offense and the Bengals are in rebuild mode. Watch out for Browns.