Kyler Murray to the NFL

Former Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Kyler Murray has chosen to pursue a career as an NFL quarterback over being a pro baseball player.

I personal think he made the wrong decision. I get that football is more fun to play than baseball but the career span is so much shorter than baseball.


If he is good as the Oakland A’s said he is he would have a 16 to 18 year career over maybe 14 to 15 year career in the NFL. With his height we really do not know how long he will last in the NFL.

Russell Wilson is outlier he is a good NFL quarterback but he has been getting beat up left and right. I do think that will happen to Kyler Murray because he will get draft by a bad team and get beat up from the first snap.

Look at the Orange Bowl Game against Alabama, when the Crimson Tide let their foot off the gas Kyler was able to score.

Come one people in baseball he would have made it to the show in about 2 and half years. PLus he would have made more money than he would in football.

Todd Helton a former first baseman of the Colorado Rookies made more than Tom Brady and Helton only played 17 years. Tom Brady just finish his 18th season.

In baseball he would made more money and he would not risk as big of an injury than is his right now that he choose football over baseball.

The benefits are also better. In MLB you only have to play one game in the majors and you get lifetime health insurance. The NFL covers your health insurance for only 5 years after you retire from football.

I wish Kyler the best of luck in his NFL career. I just think he would have lasted longer if he choose baseball. Now all NFL mock drafts are shaken up now.