Brown asked for a Trade

Earlier today Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio “AB” Brown officially requested to be trade.

We all have heard over the past month and a half the issues that happened in locker room since OTA’s in April. That him and Ben Roerhlisberger have had at least 3 altercations since OTA’s.


Brown threw a football at him the final week of practice and did not show up for the rest of week until the game on Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals. Also Browns agent called Head Coach Mike Tomlin to tell him he can play. Brown has missed multiple practices through out the year.

Brown has not even return the phone calls from the Steelers owner Art Rooney II. This has gotten so out of hand. The Steelers know he is a “ME” than “WE” guy, Brown has shown all of us he is a selfish player.

He loses his temper if he does not get his targets, look at all the games where he explode on the sideline. The next game he would have 20 targets. Brown has had multiple sideline altercations with coaches before now people are finally seeing it.

I like Brown and he is a great player but he is right on this point. They Steelers and Antonio Brown need to breakup.

Everyone knows he wants to play for the San Francisco 49ers. But will the 49ers be willing to let go of a lot for Brown.

Brown has three years left on his contract. People are saying the Steelers are going to lose 21 million. that is completely wrong. The Steelers are saving 14 million because Le’Veon Bell never signed the franchise tag. So the Steelers are only going to lose seven million.

The team flying under the radar to trade for Brown is division rival the Cleveland Browns. They can go out there and trade for Brown to pair him with Jarvis Landry and Kareem Hunt with Baker Mayfield at quarterback