NFL offseason preview: Jacksonville Jaguars

The biggest disappointment in the NFL last year hands down was the Jacksonville Jaguars.

They went from 10-6 which won them a division title and went to the AFC title game last year. To 5-11 finishing last in their division this year.

I’m shock to see that it took the Jaguars front office this long to see that quarterback Blake Bortles is not a franchise quarterback.


Yes Bortles did well in the playoffs last year and out threw future Hall of Famer Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh. Which led to a contract extension that made everyone question it.

Then before the season started a GQ Magazine interview with star Cornerback Jalen Ramsey was release which was him taking shots at every quarterback in the league.

This team struggled all season long on offense and sometimes on defense. They need help at quarterback, tightend, safety, edge rusher and wide receiver. This will be a hard offseason for them because they are 6 million over the salary cap.

I think the Jags will make some trades and big release that will hurt them in the short run. I see the Jags releasing Marcell Dareus, Blake Bortles, and Tashuan Gibson. For trades I think the Jags will trade either running back Leonard Fournette or cornerback Jalen Ramsey because of the contract.

I can see Ramsey getting traded because his contract will expire first but Fournette will get them more in return because he will be under team control for 3 more years.

For free agency I do not see them signing anyone because their salary situation. So I see them really relying on the draft to improve their team.

1st: Dwayne Haskins QB, 2nd: Noah Fant TE, 3rd: Austin Bryant DE, 3rd: David Sills WR,

4th: Sean Bunting CB.

The Jags are going to have a really tuff offseason if they do not make some serious changes really quick.