This new MLB is killing the offseason

Over the past couple of years we have seen Superstars like JD. Martinez, Eric Hosmer, Manny Machado, and Bryce Harper go so long in the offseason without signing a deal.

Now that GM’s are trying to follow what the analytics say. This all happened once “Money Ball” came out to the world. Teams are trying to sign guys to a contract to what the analytics say they should be paid.


Like one guy can be paid over 15 million dollars a year and he is giving the team what a 4 million dollar player gives them. Teams now are looking up stats compare superstars  to players who are not getting paid jack-squat.

I get that teams want to save money but this system only works for lower market teams. Not all team have money like the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox or the Chicago Cubs.

But when you have money you need to spend it. Look at who won the World Series last year oh yeah the Red Sox who had the highest payroll in MLB. They went out and spent the money to win.

Money ball can kill the baseball offseason. It is February, and still Manny Machado, Bryce Harper and Dallas Kuechel are still not signed yet. Spring Training workouts just started people.

These players are some of the best players in baseball. They are trying to get paid and I do not blame them at all.They worked really hard to get to this point, they want security for the future.

This moneyball phase has gone on to long enough. Teams are willing to go an whole offseason and sign ok players over great players to win a World Series.

Guys like Manny and Bryce do not enter free agency at the age of 26 very often. Teams need to put their pride aside and sign one of them. The start of the season is right around the corner, its your turn MLB GM’s.