NFL offseason preview: Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions finished were everyone expected them to finish last in their division with a 6-10 record. This was team no one took seriously because they are in a divison with the Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears, and the Green Bay Packers.


This team was going to finish in place no matter what. They do not have as good as a roster as they thought they had.

The Lions finished 24th in total offense and 10th in defense. They showed promise this year when they finally drafted a good running back in Kerryon Johnson. Johnson was able to help the Lions go 4-6 in the first 10 games but due to an knee injury he suffered in week 11 against the Carolina Panthers.

After that game he missed the rest of season. Going into this offseason the Lions need help in edge rusher, tight end, corners, and the majority of the offense in general.

The Lions will have 30 million to play with in free agency this offseason. I expect to make minor changes that will help in areas that need a lot of help.

I think they need to go after for edge rusher Brandon Graham and Alex Okafor for d-line. For their secondary help I believe they should go after for Eric Rowe who will give them size and some speed at that position and he will help Darius Slay.

For the offensive side they need to go target veterans J.R Sweezy and D.J Fluker. At tight end I think the best fit would be Jesse James. James will give them some speed which is where the lions lack in at that position and James has solid hands that they can throw the ball to.

For the draft I do believe they will focus on offense a lot more than defense.

1st: Jawaan Taylor OT, 2nd: Parris Campbell WR, 3rd: Rock Ya-Sin CB, 4th: C.J. Conrad TE, 5th: Elijah Hoylfield RB.

All the positions I have them draft gives them depth which is what the Lions need for all of those positions. They are fine at receiver, tightend, corner and runningback.

We do not know if Johnson will run the same after his injury so I do think they will try to find a backup to make sure they a guy they can trust for the season if Johnson can not come back.

By drafting Ya-Sin the cornerback it will give an extra guy in the secondary with a good speed because most guys they now are slow, they are always behind the receivers on deep balls.

If the Lions do draft Caleb Wilson, that would be a good pick because at ULCA they run a west coast offense which what the Lions try to run with their offense. I think Wilson will fit in right away because the playbook will not be as hard to understand right away.