RJ Barrett should go 1st overall

The whole world and myself have been very impress with what Duke University freshman Zion Williamson has done so far this season.

A lot of people have him being the 1st overall pick in the upcoming NBA draft. Their is a player in college basketball that is better than Zion. He plays on the same team as him and his name is RJ Barrett.

RJ Barrett is more of complete player than Zion. RJ averages 23  points a game with 7 rebounds and 4 assist on 45% percent shooting from the floor.


Zion averages 21 points 9 rebounds and 2 assists on 70% shooting from the floor but the majority of his shots come in the paint. That is what separates them Zion can make almost any shot in the paint but form outside Zion has struggled.

RJ can shot the ball very well from all parts of the floor, the only part he struggles in is three-point shooting. Barrett averages 33% percent from three and Zion averages 30% percent from three.

Barrett has shown he can shoot and drive the ball down in the paint. Zion only drives the ball in the paint and post up.

On defense Zion is known for his blocks. Barrett is not for defense and that he might got sleeping every now and then.

On defense Zion takes to many risk, he is always trying to go for the steal letting his man get a wide open shoot or an easy trip to the lane for two points if he does not get the steal.

Barrett on defense plays it safe he will stay if man until the shot goes in the air. Yes Barrett needs to wokr on his defense but  I want a guy who will stay with his man over a guy who takes too many risk.

If I was an NBA GM I would pick RJ Barrett because he can run a offense, Zion is great to but we have never seen him take control of the offense.

When Zion goes up the court he will either pass it to Barrett or Jones to run the offense or he will drive to the basket. I have not seen Zion say let me control the offense.

Barrett is the size of big man with guard skills. So to me if I had to pick between them two I would pick RJ Barrett.