NBA All Star Weekend is a JOKE

For the past 5 to 7 years the NBA All Star weekend has been an embarrassment. All the events they have Saturday night are not even that good any more.

The skills challenge used to have some of the best guards or forwards in the game go at it to see who is the fastest out of all them. Now they put center and other big men in it. I get it that some big men do have skills of guard, but not many people want to see that.

The three point shooting used to be my favorite event out of all them. Over the past couple of years we have seen some of the best three point shooters faceoff. The only bad part about it is that some shooters we are excited to see do horrible in it or blow it in the last rack.

The dunk contest is the biggest JOKE out of all of them. This used to be the best part of night, now it is the least impressive event of the night. Outside of Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon what other dunk contest can we name in the last 7 years.

None of them. A big reason why is that none of the big name players participate in that event. We have never seen LeBron James, Kevin Durant, or Anthony Davis in the Slam Dunk contest.

Then we have the All Star Game which is has not been good since like 2010. Since then it has been all offense and 0 defense. No one hustles at all, they just sit back shoot 3’s all long.

Yeah its cool to see a three from 35 feet but is it as cool as a players giving it their all to win a game. I think the NBA All Star game should have a incentive to which ever conference that wins.

The incentive should be home-court advantage in the Finals. If that was grand prize in the All Star game more players would take this game seriously. Just look at the last five games. Who took those games seriously no one. The NBA needs to fix All Star Weekend badly.