NFL offseason preview: Denver Broncos

The Broncos made a hug mistake in already in this offseason. They traded for quarterback Joe Flacco thinking their team can win a Super Bowl.

I do not know what current Broncos GM John Elway is thinking, this Broncos team is not that good. They were an overrated team last year.


Yes Joe Flacco is as good as any quarterback in the playoffs but we know what he is in the regular season. He is a middle of the pack quarterback.

Their is a reason why they finished 6-10 last year. Yeah because they suck they should be sellers but Elway does not see it.

The offense with Casey Keenum as quarterback was not good and the defense was a mess. They still believe they are the 2015 defense that won the Super Bowl, and they are not they are average at best.

Elway thinks they are in win now, so we will see what what he does in this offseason. They need help at offensive line, linebackers and wide receiver and tight end.

Since they have about 18 million going into free agency I think they will target tight end Maxx Williams and wide receiver Rishard Matthews to give Flacco weapons.

In draft I think the will heavy on lineman and linebackers.

1st: Cory Ford G, 2nd: D’Andre Walker LB, 3rd: Mack Wilson LB, 4th: Zach Gentry TE, 5th: Chase Claypool WR.

Since John Elway thinks the Broncos can win now I think these are the positions he will take in the draft. But he is making a hugs mistake if he trades the players he has now he can rebuild the way he did before.