Manny to the Padres

News just came out former Baltimore Orioles and Los Angeles Dodger Manny Machado has agreed terms with the San Diego Padres.

This a good move for the Padres because they have a really young team so a veteran presence along side 1st baseman Eric Hosmer will help the Padres.

The deal is worth 10 years 300 million. That will be 30 million a year. I think it is great move for Machado. But not for the Padres.

The Padres are not in a win now mode. Their team is about 3 years from really contending for a title. That’s if the prospects turn out to be good.

For Manny Machado this was big decision. We all knew since last year that he wanted to be a New York Yankee. No one really knows how much the Yankees offered him. Rumors came out that the Yankees offered Machado a long term deal but only for 7 to 8 years.

It seems like the money part of deal was to small for Machado because the Yankees were not going to offer him more years. If Machado lives up to this deal it will make the Chicago White Sox, Philadelphia Phillies and New York Yankees look stupid becuase they could signed Machado before the Padres got in the mix.

As a Yankee Fan I’m very upset about this. The Yankees front office wants to show they can win with money ball and analytics. If the Yankees do not win the World Series this year and still have trouble at third base this will comeback to bite them.

Machado wanted to be a Yankee but the Yankees chose Giancarlo Stanton over Manny  who fills hole that the Yankees have not address yet. Congrats to Manny Machado because he got a deal of a life time.