NBA All Star Weekend reaction

This past weekend we saw probably one of the most boring All Star weekends in the past 5 years.

2019 NBA All-Star Game

First on Saturday we had the skills challenge. That event was ok, it still brings out some of best young talent in the game to compete on a fast pace course.

I think they should go to the old course they had before because it had more to do than just luck on a shot. Some guys made shots that were pure luck. Like the last run of the night Celtics foward Jason Tatum beat Altant Hawks guard Tre Young on a half-court shot.

Congrats to the winner Jason Tatum of the Boston Celtics for winning that event. But that was pure luck in the end.

Next was the 3-point shootout. That was best event of the night because that is only event the really stars will come out and do.

A big reason is because everyone wants to beat Steph Curry if he is in it. Now that NBA is more of who can make the most 3’s it makes this event much more difficult to win.

Look at last year champion Devin Booker, he did not advance to the final round but he scored 23 which would usually get anyone in the final round.

In the final round Joe Harris beat Steph Curry which was shocking. I did not expect Joe Harris to win at all.

Then we had the worst event of the night which was the Dunk Contest. A big reason why the dunk contest is not as good as it was before because the big star do not come out to do it anymore.

I wish Kevin Durant and LeBron James would participate in the dunk contest. Plus we have all seen every dunk before.

Now that a lot more dunks have been expose to the world it is hard to come up with a new dunk that no one has ever seen before. If the dunk contest wants to get better they need a format.

Like horse try to duplicate what ever dunk the guy before you did without messing up. That would be interesting to see.

Now the All Star Game. I’ll admit it, I only watch the first minutes then I change the channel.  The game has no defense what so ever, it is now guys just pulling up from 35 to 40 feet to see who can out shoot who.

The NBA needs to have an incentive if they want this game to have more viewers, because this game drives people away from basketball.