NFL offseason preview: Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins had a season full of surprises. They started 3-0 to finish 7-9 for the season. They played well for most games but something always happened that would either lift them up or bring them down.

The Dolphins stared the offseason firing Head Coach Adam Gase after going 23-25 in 3 years as the Head Coach of the Dolphins. Miami then hired former New England Patriots linebacker coach Brian Flores.

I do not know if the Dolphins front office knows that Bill Belichick assistants do not do well as head coaches. Who knows, maybe Flores will fix this team.


The play of quarterback Ryan Tannehill was average at best this season. He would make bonehead plays one time, then he would make a pass that shows he could be a top 10 quarterback. He is too inconsistent and gets hurt way to much to paid over 17 million.

Due to his play and lack of availability has lead to rumors of him that he is going to get cut or he will be traded this offseason.


There is also questions about cornerback Xavien Howard. Should they trade him for draft picks or extend him before he becomes a free agent next year. If the Dolphins are in rebuild mode. You trade him if you get 1st round pick for him.

The Dolphins have so many holes to fill on their roster it is not funny at all.

The Miami Dolphins need help in quarterback, tightend, offensive line, defensive line and cornerback. But the Dolphins will only have 11 million to spend in free agency.

I see Miami targeting corner Justin Bethel and defensive tackle Earl Mitchell as the big names for their free agent signings.

Rumors have spread that Miami is going to tank this upcoming season so they land Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. I do not believe that because if that is true then a lot players would leave because no player wants to lose.

Maybe the Dolphins can get a head start in their rebuild this year.In the draft I see them filling a lot holes on the team for the future.

1st: Kyler Murray QB, 2nd: Irv Smith Jr. TE, 3rd: Connor McGovern OL, 4th: Blace Brown CB, 5th: Kevin Givens DT.

I do think the Dolphins will be very impress by Kyler Murray and take the risk on drafting him. I do think they will sit him for the year so he can learn the system.

Then the whole football world will see if Kyler can make it in the NFL.

I think the Dolphins are going to get the steal of the second round by getting Irv Smith Jr. A young,fast and good blocking tightend will help Kyler in his development. After that pick I see them getting players to fill their biggest needs on the team which is linemen on both sides of the ball.