Landon Collins vs New York Giants

Earlier today news broke that safety Landon Collins cleaned out his locker and said his goodbyes to the team today.

Then other news came out that he did not clean out his locker, but Landon Collins himself said on Twitter that the stuff in his locker is stuff he does not need.

As a New York Giants fan this pisses me off. I’m still questioning if the New York Giants Ownership knows what kind of General Manger they hired a year ago.

Dave Gettleman is notorious for making players mad because he will not sign them to a long term deal. It happened with a number of players when he was GM of the Carolina Panthers.

Their is a reason why he was fired after the 2017 season. He pisses off to many players and they all end up leaving the team on bad terms. Steve Smith Sr. has talked about how he treats players and how they feel about him.

For this situation the blame to place if Landon Collins leaves in free agency is Gettleman and Owner John Mara. They did this last with Odell Beckham Jr. making it seem like Odell was going to be traded all offseason.

What made them come to their senses that they have the best wide receiver football was when the New England Patriots were making a push for Odell.

Then they signed Beckham to an extension and the rest is history. Now they are doing this with Collins. I do not know why the Giants like to get rid off great players.

If Collins leaves then the Giants defense will not able to stop high school teams from scoring on them. Every team will score on every drive against the Giants if they get rid of Collins.

Collins has been the best player on defense for the Giants ever since he was rookie. He led the team in tackles and played every game unlike other people on that defense. He would go out play his heart out even if it is a blow out. But no the Giants front office showed their cards.

Landon Collins deserves a contract extension and Giants think other wise.