Zion Williamson should shut down

Last night within the first 30 seconds of the North Carolina vs Duke game, star freshman Zion Williamson injured his knee. It is a mild knee sprain.

Williamson suffered this injury by an equipment malfunction with his shoe. Last night we all saw his shoe break when he was trying to make a basketball move.

Williamson does have a 8 million dollar insurance with Duke University because of the malfunction.

For his future Williamson should shutdown for the rest of season. He will still be a top 5 pick in this year NBA Draft. If he shuts down he will give himself enough time to rehab and get back to 100 percent before the NBA Draft.

If he comes back to play he is risking a bigger injury to show up which could cost him millions of dollars. He will go from a top 5 pick to a top 20 pick which is a huge difference in salary.

That is a 13 million dollar difference and remember this people NBA teams have control over rookies for the first 7 years of their career.

Yes winning a National Title is great but is that greater than having a 15 year NBA career where he will have a chance to win an NBA Finals.

Zion needs to do what is best for him not for Duke.