The Yankees are idiots

The New York Yankees came into this offseason as the favorites to sign starting pitcher Patrick Corbin and Shortstop Manny Machado.

But they somehow did the impossible and did not sign either one. I can not believe it, they miss on players that wanted to play for them.

Patrick Corbin made it clear last year that he wanted to play for the Yankees, but the Yankees failed to sign him. Manny Machado gave hints all of last year that he wanted to play for the Yankees and they did not sign him.

Machado held out this long because he wanted to sign with the Yankees. Come on people it was obvious he was waiting for the Yankees to make an offer close to what he wanted but the Yankees failed to pull the trigger.

I do not know why Brain Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner think “Moneyball” can win a World Series. It does not work, ask the Oakland A’s when was the last time they won a World Series.

The two teams that went to World Series last year were the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Boston Red Sox. They both in the top 3 in payroll last year. The Red Sox were number 1 on the payroll list.

Guest what the Red Sox WON THE WORLD SERIES, because they went out and spent the money to win.

The Yankees were not able to hit the Red Sox pitching at all in the playoffs because no one on the team knows how to hit for contact. Guess what Manny would have fixed that right away.

But the New York Yankees chose Giancarlo Stanton over all of these players because they are idiots. They went for guy who produces in blowout games and strikes out in big moments.

Last time I check in the playoffs Manny Machado played really well. But NO the Yankees wanted to low ball Machado and guess what Hal and Cash that deal for Stanton came back to bite you in the place where the sun does not shine.

This will haunt the Yankees because they still have not address 3rd base at all this offseason. No one knows who is going to play 3rd and it will still be a big problem for the Yankees.