Robert Kraft Scandal

Around mid-day Friday February 22, 2019. news broke that New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has been accused of  Human Sex Trafficking in Jupiter, Florida.

The police in Jupiter, Florida have told ESPN and other news outlets they do have footage of Robert Kraft committing the crime. Police had cameras in the massage parlor and were able to identify him.

ESPN Cameron Wolfe said early on Saturday that we are waiting for Robert Kraft to turn himself in to the police, if not on Monday the police will have an arrest warrant for Kraft.

Kraft should turn himself in to the police because the more he is hiding the worse he looks in this.

Kraft has been know to be one of the most generous people in the NFL, now we all see him in a different way. We do need to see how it goes in court if this case does go that far to see if he is guilty.

Since this is his first time offense and if he is found guilty he can go to an diversion program such as community service and classes on sex trafficking.

I believe his punishment in the NFL should be a year suspension if found guilty. I not sure what his punishment will be if this is found as a 1st degree misdemeanor which means will face a year in prison.

This a really bad look on the NFL to see one of the Owners been accused of committing this type of crime. I do think the NFL should wait until this case is completely over to see what happens to Kraft