NFL Offseason Preview: Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans are the team who we thought the were, an above .500 team at best. One day they would look like a playoff team then the next week they will look like a team drafting in the top 10.

New York Jets v Tennessee Titans

The Titans offense was inconsistent the whole year. They would try to establish the run, fail then go to the passing game. Sometimes they would force the ball in the aire when they know they should run the ball.

When they were finally able to run the ball up and down the field they are extremely tough to beat. The would bring a monster in Derrick Henry for the first 2 downs they bring the shiffty Dion Lewis.

The Titans defense was good I just felt they were not as good as advertise coming into the season. They got a bunch of players that have not lived up to contract or draft pick.

The Titans need help in cornerback, pass rusher, defensive tackle, wide receiver, interior offensive line and tight end.

The Titans could make some changes because they will have 40 million to spend this free agency. I see them going after for Rodger Saffold and Ben Garland for offensive line help.  On the defensive side I see them targeting Corey Liuget to help the defensive line.

I do not see them making any big moves because they are not know for big moves.

In the draft I think they will show signs to players that they are moving on from them.

1st: TJ Hockenson TE, 2nd: Germaine Pratt LB, 3rd: David Stills WR, 4th: Darryl Williams C, 5th: Hunter Renfrow.

I do believe the Titans will focus on offense more because they need to know if quarterback Marcus Mariota is the guy. The only excuse they have is that they never gave him offensive pieces so far.

That is why I think they will target offense because their will be no excuses if Marcus Mariota can not win with a good offense build around him.