The Dallas Cowboys have a big drug problem that will really hurt their team. Yesterday news came out the defensive end Randy Gregory is suspended indefinitely for substance abuse policy. Also, defensive end David Irving might be facing suspension as well.

None of us should be surprise anyone because Randy Gregory has been suspended multiple times.  He has now officially blew his opportunity of playing football again in the NFL.

Gregory has been a problem ever since he step in Dallas and if you are problem in Dallas good luck finding a team that will accept you. The Cowboys are a team known for giving people second chances and they gave Gregory to many second chances.

David Irving on the other hand is good player but he faces the same problem as Gregory he has been suspended two straight seasons. Most likely he will suspended for a third straight season because of drugs.

Irving will be a free agent next month and I do not believe the Cowboys will resign him because they can not count on him to show up on Sunday because he might get injured or get suspended again.

The biggest winner of this situation is soon to be free agent defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence. With the Cowboys losing two defensive ends in one day makes their depth at that position very thin.

The Cowboys can place the franchise tag on Lawrence which will prevent him from becoming a free agent but now they might have to give Lawrence the money he wants. Lawrence might ask for about 20 million a year because its not about who is free, it is about when you are free.

After last year we saw Chicago Bears linebacker Kahlil Mack and Los Angeles Rams Aaron Donald get over 20 million a year. Lawrence will ask the Cowboys for 20 million or more.

The Cowboys only have 65 million to play with. The biggest problem is that if they do pay Lawrence how are they going to quarterback Dak Presscott, running back Ezekil Ellitot and wide receiver amri Cooper. They will all the free agents next year.

All three of them might ask for 20 million or more. The Cowboys are going to have to let one of them go. Who will they let go?