Kyler Murray will go 1st overall

Earlier this morning at the NFL combine Oklahoma Sooner quarterback Kyler Murray measured at 5’10.1 in height and 207 in weight. His hand size is 9 and half, after seeing his height and weight I truly do believe he will go 1st overall.

This gives the Arizona Cardinals the reason to draft Kyler Murray. Russell Wilson came into the NFL at 5’10 and look at his career so far. His hand size is bigger than last year 1st overall pick Baker Mayfield, his hands measured at 9 exact.

I do not really look at those kinds of measurements but everyone wants to know what Kyler Murray height and weight coming into the combine. Now we know. We all know Kyler Murray can play because he is good quarterback.

But I still do not trust him because of he he played in the Orange Bowl against the University of Alabama. He struggled until the Alabama let their foot off the gas.

But I do think his official height will give the Cardinals the green light to take him. Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury has raved about Murray ever since he was hired as the Head Coach of the Cardinals.

Murray fits the type of offense Kingsbury wants to run which is west coast and have the quarterback scramble for more time to throw the football.

Now we are all wondering what are the Cardinals going to do with last year 1st round pick John Rosen. Will they trade him to get draft stock or keep him if Murray does not work out.

I do believe they should trade Rosen to any team like the Jacksonville Jaguars or the New England Patriots who are looking for a quarterback.