The Celtics need to change

This year we all thought the Boston Celtics were going to be much better than they were last year. We were all completely wrong some how they look worse than they were last year.

They have some much depth on their roster that could compete with a team like the Golden State Warriors but what separates these two teams is chemistry. The Warriors know who will take the most shots and who will be the guy who takes least amount of shots.


For the Celtics we all know that point guard Kyrie Irving is the closer but outside of that we really do not know the roles for any other player on that team. Who is the number 2 on the team?

Who is the back up point guard you put in for a long stretch if Kyrie goes down again is it Marcus Smart or Terry Rozier.

Do you give forward Jason Tatum more minutes even though they have Gordon Hayward and Jalen Brown on the bench. Hayward is getting paid top dollar and he is averaging 11 points a game.

The Celtics need to take a really hard and long look at their team this offseason. They need a leader and they need to get rid of some these All Star caliber players because they do not play well with each other.

Look at this past month the Celtics should be destroying teams with no problem but somehow they keep losing games they should be winning.  But now that they have Irving and Hayward back healthy they somehow forgot how to play with each other.

The Celtics need to get rid of Hayward and Brown this offseason. If they get rid of these guys they could replenish their bench because the majority of guys will leave this offseason due to free agency.

They would have trade both of them to the same team because Hayward play as hurt is value but if they tag Brown along with him team would call for a trade.