NFL offseason preview: Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks will be a scary team next year. This last year the Seahawks started rough but finished really strong.

They started 4-5 and finished the year 10-6 and made the playoffs. The Seahawks became an old school team this year. They ran the football so much this year it is not funny. Their is a reason why the finished 1st in rushing.


Unfortunately when the got to the playoffs they were expose that they can not afford to get into a shoot out with anyone because their offense won’t be able to meet team point for point.

Going into this offseason the Seahawks need help in wide receiver, offensive line, tight end and safety are the most important positions.

The Seahawks should they have a defense on the rise with all these young players they have now.

The Seahawks will make a good changes this year because they will have 50 million to play with this free agency.

I see them targeting tight ends Maxx Williams and Tyler Eifert, those are guys who can block and can catch the football. I do not see them going after offensive line becuase the market is not as good.

On defense I think they will sign safety E.J Gaines.

I expect the Seahawks to do well in the draft because they have great track record in the draft ever since Head Coach Pete Carroll signed with Seattle.

1st: Jachai Polite DE, 3rd: LJ Collier DE, 4th: Emanuel Hall WR, 5th: David Edwards OT.

The Seahawks are known for having a lot depth at certain positions especially on defense. I do expect them to do the samething which is draft only defensive lineamn and wide receivers.