NFL offseason Preview: Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens had a season that might have shown what they have for years to come.

Last year the Ravens finished the year 10-6 winning the AFC North. The biggest move they made last year was benching quarterback Joe Flacco to start Lamar Jackson.


With Jackson at quarterback the Ravens went back to the old school football. The Ravens ran the ball cover 40 times a game with Jackson at quarterback.

The only problem they had was throwing the football, which ended up hurting them in the long run.

In the playoffs they lost to Los Angeles Chargers because all they did was run the football which made their play calling predictable. The Ravens need to Jackson to feel more comfortable passing the ball this offseason.

The Ravens can improve their passing game a lot this free agency because they will have 50 million to play with.

But known the Ravens I do not think they will spend a lot to help their passing game. I think they will improve their strength by signing a really big free agent.

I think the Ravens will make the move of the offseason and sign running back Le’Veon Bell. To me this makes to much sense the Ravens do not have a true number 1 running back, plus Bell would like the idea of playing the Steelers twice a year to show them what they are missing.

In the draft we all know they will draft defense because that is what they pick I can only say I saw them draft 4 offensive players that panned out. On defense they have a great track record on finding them through the draft.

1st:Rashan Gray DE, 3rd: Mecole Hardman, 4th: DeMarcus Christmas DT, 5th: Elijah Holyfield.

I said the Ravens have gone through years without a true number 1 receiver and I think they will focus on defense and the running game.