Landon Collins is Out of NY

Yesterday current free agent Landon Collins said his good bye to all New York Giants fans.

As a Giants fans I completely agree with most of then fans by saying this “what are the Giants doing?”

The season as not even started yet and the Giants are already disappointing me. I understand that he is not the best in coverage but what other player is on defense.

Why are you going to rid of your best defensive player, when you know if he was not on the field the defense look like the worst defense in football.

The worst part the Giants are not getting anything in return. Current GM Dave Gettleman has done a horrible job at GM. He has not done anything good for the Giants.

He traded defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Damien “Snacks” Harrison to the Detroit Lions for nothing. He could have at least gotten two 2nd round picks.

Eariler this year a team called the Giants and offered them a 1st round pick for Collins and they did not take it. If you knew you were not going to sign him then trade him for something good.

But Dave Gettleman has chosen not to accept the deal. He give away talent for nothing to free up money. All he had to do was ask players to see if any of them will restructure their contracts.

The cap hit if Collins was tagged would have been 11 million. That is nothing for a great safety like Collins. But the Giants front office has said to all fans our best defense will be our offense.

Clearly they have not seen the offense either. Eli Manning is done, it is time for a change but they do not see that. I was perfectly ok with drafting Saquon Barkley at 2nd overall because he is like Odell he changes the game.

What Giants need to do is hit on all their draft picks because they have nothing on defense. They have Odell, Saquon, Sterling Sheppard on offense and on defense they have a air.

This will be the worst defense in the NFL next year I guarantee that.