NFL offseason Preview: Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles had an ok season for a defending Super Bowl Champions.

The biggest problem they had was the quarterback, at the beginning of the season the Nick Foles came back to down to earth after his magical playoff run. He struggled all season long then Carson Wentz came and did not look good at all.


The Eagles were lucky this year to have so many problems this year to finish 9-7 and make it to the divisional round is impressive but it could have been better.

Their defense was bad, they were not able to stop any passing attack which made them vulnerable. One major problem they had but never address was the running game. They want to pass ball almost every play instead of getting a running back in the trade deadline.

The biggest holes on the team are corner, safety, running back and slot receiver. But they will not be able to fix any of that because they only have 6 million dollars to spend in free agency.

I do not see them signing any big player at all, so I do think they will try to fix the holes in the draft. But I think they will take the best player on the broad instead of their needs.

1st: Johnathan Abrams S, 2nd: Deebo Samuel WR, 2nd: Jerry Tillery DE, 4th: Trayveon Williams RB, 5th: Mark Fields CB.

The players I have them drafting do address their needs but I think they will draft a better class than this.