Brown to the Raiders

News came out the the Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders have agreed on a trade for wide receiver Antonio Brown.

Photo is from Antonio Brown Twitter.

The deal is that the Steelers get a 3rd and 5th round pick while the Raiders get Antoino Brown.

This deal involves Brown getting a new contract. His contract is still the 3 years but it go from over 30 million to over 50 million with about 30 million guaranteed.

This trade was a lose-lose for the Steelers. They are going to have 21 million dollars in dead money and they lost of the 3 best receivers in football.

For the Raiders this trade was a win because they have all of their 1st rounds picks. They gave a little bit for a big haul.

But will Brown make a big difference for the Raiders. I believe he will make a small difference but not a big difference.

The question now is will running back LeVeon Bell follow Brown to Oakland?