Foles to Jacksonville

Wow. The Jacksonville Jaguars gave quarterback Nick Foles a 4 year deal for 88 million dollars.

The deal could be worth up to 102 million. Do not get wrong I think Nick Foles is a solid quarterback but he is not a franchise quarterback.

Their is a reason why he did not make it as a starter on his previous teams. He is an average quarterback at best.

He will have some great stretches that can be compared to any quarterback right now. But he has had some horrible stretches where he looks like a back up.

The Jags should have not made this deal. They can draft a quarterback who be cheaper and gives them time to develop.

Now that he has this contract some people on the Jags will be on the move because they need to free up some money.

The Jags are not a quarterback away because they have no weapons on offense outside of running back Leonard Fournette.

This is a great deal for Foles but not for the Jags.