Landon Collins to Washington

News just broke that the Washington Redskins will sign former New York Giant Landon Collins.

The deal is 6 years for 84 million with 45 million guaranteed. Collins will get 14 million a year. This was a good move for the Redskins.

What they need to do is make sure that Collins is used in the right way. As a run stopper not a coverage guy.

When it comes to run defense Collins ranks in top 5 in almost every category. For coverage he ranks near the bottom which I thought would hurt his value but I guess not.

I do believe Collins chose the Redskins because of the money but he is go to play his former team twice a year which was a huge plus.

Will the New York Giants regret letting Collins walked. I do believe so because it is hard to find a great safety like Collins.

Congrats to Landon Collins because is just got paid big time.