Golden Tate to Giants reaction

Yesterday the New York Giants signed wide receiver Golden Tate to a 4 year deal for 37.5 million dollars.

This move just makes me question the New York Giants even more. You say are going to rebuild but this move is not rebuilding at all.

Do not get me wrong Golden Tate is really good player but if I’m a team that is rebuilding especially on defense I would not sign a 30 year old receiver.

The Giants need to focus on defense because all 3 levels of the defense are horrible. They do not have any pass rushers, the linebackers can not cover any one. The secondary always loses one-on-one battles.

They should have signed a linebacker to show they are trying to find a leader on defense.

I can understand the signing of Tate if you are team that is trying to win now but Giants are not in win now.

This mover was unnecessary for Giants to make.