Mike Trout 426 Million Dollar contract Reaction

Yesterday news came out that the Los Angeles Angels and center fielder Mike Trout agreed on an extension of 12 year deal worth 426.5 million dollar. He is worth every penny of this deal.

He will receive around 36 to 37 million dollars a year when that contract starts after his current deal is done.

Mike Trout is an unbelievable player on a pace that has never been seen before. His pace is better than former MVP Barry Bonds first seven years before he used the steroids.

Every since Trout played his first full season he never finished worse than 4th place in MVP voting. His rookie year he finished 2nd then won a couple of MVP’s a couple of years later.

Trout is consistent player, he will have 35 to 40 homerunsĀ  with about 110 RBI’s every year with a high OPS (On-base plus slugging).

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the money he got because he deserves it. He is the face of MLB now. He is the best player in baseball and he is only 27. I think he could go down as arguably the best player of all time when he retires.

The only problem I have with this is that he is still on a bad team. If I was Mike Trout I would leave because the Angels are not going anywhere.

I would have signed with the New York Yankees or Philadelphia Phillies because those teams are going to be World Series Contenders for the next 10 years.