JA Morant is better than Zion Williamson

All year we have heard about Duke University freshman Zion Williamson as the top player going into the draft.

As the year progress a name kept popping up and more and more people have this player rising in their draft boards. Now a lot of people have this player being the 2nd overall pick in this year draft.

That player is Murray State point guard Ja Morant. After watching 5 games this year of Morant I’m convince that he is the best player in college basketball and he is the best player going into this draft.

Zion Williamson brings more “Stardom” which is good. Williamson can jump out of the gym, play solid defense, and post up. But Morant is the complete package.

ja Photo is from Heat Nation :https://heatnation.com/media/dwyane-wade-shouts-out-ja-morant-after-march-madness-debut/

Morant has great court vision like Los Angeles Lakers guard Rajon Rondo, we all saw it against number 5 Marquette University in the round of 64 in March Madness. He found wide open teammates the whole game. Their is a reason why he averaged 10 assist a game.

He can score the basketball. He averaged 24 points this year. Yes the competition he faced was not the best but it is hard to average 24 points in college basketball. Zion only average 22 points and most of he shots are in the paint. Morant has the ability to shoot ball from anywhere.

Morant Shot 50% percent from the floor with most of his shots outside of the paint. Zion has not develop a mid range game which will hurt him in the next level. Morant shot 34% percent from three and Zion shot 32% percent.

Morant can shoot the better than Zion just look at the free throw percentage. Morant is 81% percent and Zion is 64% percent, no can say anything about free throws because no one is guard anyone at that time it all depends on your shot.

Morant is extremely athletic, he has a 44 vertical leap which is insane because he is only 6’3 in height. Zion is 6’7 in height with a 45 vertical leap, and everyone said he is athletic but Ja Morant is showing us the samething and now people are saying he is freak like Zion.

With the way the NBA is now teams are looking for an athletic point guards who can shoot and pass the ball Ja Morant will fit right in. I’m not saying Zion is a bad player, Zion is great player who has a huge upside if he develops a shot. I’m saying that Ja Morant is better because he can do everything, Zion can only do so much on the court.