Rob Gronkowski retirement reaction

Yesterday one of the best Tight Ends of all time Rob Gronkowski announced he will retire from the NFL.

This was the right decision for Gronk because his body can not take the punishment of playing football anymore. He has suffered so many injuries through out his nine year career.

Yes most great tight ends last about 12 years in the NFL but not many of them dealt with what Gronk had to deal with. Gronk came into the NFL recovering from a broken back, he also kept getting injured during his career which made it hard for him to do what he did in his nine career.

If Gronk only suffered half of those injuries I do believe he will still be playing at a very high level. Gronk is only 29 years old, but his injuries made is body feel like a 38 year old football player.

touch Photo is from the NFL.

In his nine year career Gronk had 521 receptions with over 7,000 yards and 79 touchdown. That was a great career for anyone how played in the NFL.

When Gronk was at his peak he was the most dominating non-quarterback player in the NFL.  No one was able to cover him. For a guy his size he was able to out run linebackers, and he was to big for corners and safeties.

I think he is the most dominating tight end of all time because he made so many big plays in the big moments, look at the AFC Title game and the Super Bowl he made the biggest catches in those games.

Look at Gronk stats compared to tight ends in the Hall of Fame. He is first in almost every category in only playing 115 total games that is including the playoffs.

I think he in the top 3 tight ends of all time behind Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzalez because he did not last as long as they did. But Gronk beats them in touchdowns for the amount of games he played.

Congrats to Gronk on a great career and I wish you the best of luck.