Head coaching candidates for the Lakers

We can say now that Luke Walton time is done as head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers because he is not that good of a coach. You have all this young talent and the best player on the planet in LeBron James you should make the playoffs.

But the Lakers will spend this offseason at home again this year.

Here are 3 candidates that could be the next Head Coach of the Lakers.

3. Ty Lue  


Tyronn Lue has proven to be a solid coach in the NBA. He was the Head Coach of the Cleveland Cavilers for 3 years until he removed earlier this year  after getting off to a horrible start. He might he get the job because he knows how to deal with the media as being LeBron Head Coach and he knows how to coach LeBron. If Lue is hired he could show more of his coaching ability because he he will definitely have a better roster than he did with the Cavilers.

2. Jason Kidd  


Jason Kidd might be the favorite to land this job because it is hard to find people who know as much about basketball as Kidd. Kidd will be Hall of Famer really soon because he had such great knowledge of game and played well for a really long time. I do not like this idea because when he was the Head Coach of the Milwaukee Bucks, the team did not improve at all during his time their. He might have the ability to help these players get better but that is hard to believe because Kidd did not prove anything as a Head Coach. 1

1.Mark Jackson 


Yes Mark Jackson did not have the best record when he was the Head Coach of the Golden State Warriors. But remember he was coaching a very young Warriors team at the time and still made it far with the roster he had. Jackson could this Lakers team become more a well shooting team because he spent so much time around Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. He can show them drills he did with them when the splash brothers were in their development period to what they are now. The only question is what can he teach LeBron?

I do beleive he can teach LeBron the Warriors offense before they became the powerhouse they are now. He show LeBron what he tried to do to get Curry and Thompson open when he was the Head Coach. SO maybe the Lakers can develop a game plan that could shutdown the Warriors.