NFL Rule Change

It has been 24 hours since the NFL announced a rule change where teams can now challenge a pass interference call or a non-call play.

This was not necessary at all, I get it the non call in the NFC Championship game was bad but that call did not cost the New Orleans Saints the game. The Saints cost them selves the game.

They had 5 trips in the redzone and they only scored 2 touchdowns. They should have never been it that position to begin with and they blew a 13 point lead at home.

It was that call that made everyone say “coaches should have the right to challenge penalties.” Now they can and watch many of you are going to say this rule needs to be taken out of the rule book.

Once that happens to one of your teams do not say “let them play” because a lot of you asked for this rule change, and it only challenges pass interference calls  not holding, no illegal touching.


Now games will be longer because that means more replays will happen during the game and it will mostly happen during “Hail Marry” because coaches will say one of his four receivers was interfered with then its 1st & Goal at one yard line.

It just shocks me that one play is what made people want this rule change, not the any other plays in past Super Bowls, or playoff games like in 2014 the Detroit Lions vs Dallas Cowboys where their was a clear pass interference flag that was picked up and no one complained about it back then.

I hope all the people who ask for this rule change are satisfied with the results we are going to get now in games. Just note with this rule changes people are going to ask for more challenges on penalties.