Aaron Boone is holding the Yankees back

Their is no question that the worst Manger in Major League Baseball is New York Yankees Manger Aaron Boone.

When the New York Yankees announced in the 2017 offseason they were going to hire Aaron Boone to the the next manger, I already said this was a bad move and they will regret this.

suck Photo is from: https://www.northjersey.com/story/sports/mlb/yankees/2018/07/15/looks-like-umps-got-right-new-york-yankees-skip-aaron-boone-admits/786155002/

Boone has no idea on what he is doing half the time. Look at the third game of the year last year against the Toronto Blue Jays. Aaron Boone told reliever David Robertson to intentionally walk Josh Donaldson wit 2 outs to load the bases so he can face Justin Smoak who did not have a hit off Robertson.

Next thing Smoak got his first hit off of Robertson  which was a grand slam which led to the Yankees first lost of the season. Boone only uses analytics to make his decisions not his baseball IQ.

All baseball and Yankees Fans look at every lost last year and look how he manged the team. The team looked lifeless, gave up so many leads because he did not know when to take out starting pitchers, he would also put in relievers in 3 days straight without giving them any rest.

Boone displayed his horrible managerial skills in the playoffs last year against the Boston Red Sox in the ALDS. He did not make any necessary changes to the lineup which was bad and left pitchers stay in the ball game knowing they are giving up hits left and right.

With the recent interview for the book “Inside The Empire” that Aaron Boone does not even make any decision, Boone has an analytics team in the duggot tunnel telling him what to do.

That just shows he is the worst manger in baseball, if any other manger has that team the Yankees had last year, the Yankees would have won the World Series. The man the Yankees should have hired form the start was Carlos Beltran, he has a tremendous baseball IQ and everyone knows it.

He knows when analytics are necessary and when he has to use his gut over his head. Ask the players from the Houston Astros he was more of hitting coach to the team than the actually hitting coach.

If the Yankees want to win a World Series with this roster they need a guy who can communicate with this team, knows what he is doing and that is Carlos Beltran.