The Boston Red Sox will not win the World Series

Coming into this year many people are not giving the defending World Series Champions the Boston Red Sox a chance to win the World Series this year. They are all right.

Yes the 2018 Red Sox were one of the best Red Sox teams of all time. But they got a lot wins against the Baltimore Orioles who finished with 47 wins. They also beat up on the Toronto Blue Jays who did not have anyone on their roster last year which led them to a 73  wins.

Plus history has shown that the Red Sox are in for a bad year. After their 2007 World Series season they lose in the ALCS the next year. After their 2013 World Series the Red Sox finished in last place in the AL East the next year. History can change but rosters also determine how good a team will be.

The Red Sox did a good job retaining their starting pitching staff from last year with the addition of postseason hero Nathan Eovaldi. But they did not make any changes in the bullpen and at second base.

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If the Red Sox think  that second baseman Dustin Pedroia will be a factor this year they are lying to themselves. Pedroia is 35 years old he is not the same player he was 6 years ago all he does is get hurt and hold the Red Soc back of getting a new second baseman.

The bullpen itself is any even bigger issue. The Red Sox could have done trades this offseason to upgrade their bullpen but they decide their lineup is more important than their bullpen.

Baseball is now at a point where if you do not have good bullpen you are going to be in serious trouble in the postseason. Look the Houston Astros great lineup and starting pitchers but heir bullpen gave up so many leads that it costed them a trip to the World Series.

Last year the Soxs were lucky because the majority of the roster stayed healthy for almost the whole season. That is really rare to see from any team overall. Also the contracts they gave in previous offseason hurt them in this past offseason, they did not sign anyone who can help them.

I think the Red Sox are still a good team but their demise will be their bullpen and their ego. Ego gets in the way of a lot of teams. Look at the New York Yankees last year their ego got in their way last year which led to their early exit last year in the playoffs.

They thought they can hit their way to a World Series which did not happen. If the Red Sox want to go back to the World Series they need to make some serious changes.