Duke vs Michigan State reaction

Yesterday we all saw Duke University lose 68 to 67 to Michigan State University in the round of the Elite Eight in the NCAA March Madness tournament.

Photo is from: NCAA Twitter page. https://twitter.com/marchmadness/status/1112492161424072710?s=21

I was not surprised by this at all, I predicted that Duke would lose to Michigan State in my bracket because of the experience Michigan State has of playing together.

This Duke team was only going to be together for one year so I did not expect them to have the chemistry to win the National title.

Yesterday we saw the two biggest flaws for Duke show up. Turnovers and lack of shooting.

Duke had 17 turnovers to Michigan State 7 turnovers. Also late in the game when Duke needed to make big shots they were not able to hit them.

Look at RJ Barrett when he was at the free throw line, he only made 1 out of 2 free throws when he could tied the game and send it to overtime.

duke 2 Photo is from: https://triblive.com/sports/duke-zion-williamson-lose-to-michigan-state-in-elite-eight/

Then Duke also hurt themselves by missing 14 our of their 21 3-point attempts. Duke has not been a very good shooting this whole year.

They lived and died in the paint with Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett being the primary scorers.

Credit to Michigan State because their defense forced Duke to take bad shots the whole game. They would from a wall to stop Zion or RJ from driving the ball to the paint which was huge for them.

Yes both Zion and RJ had over 20 points each but they were not able to to get the kind of shots they wanted.

They wanted all of their points in the paint with attempts from the outside.

Michigan chemistry came up huge in the final 3 minutes of the game because we saw a team that did not give up at all. They knew they were able to compete with Duke because they are a very good defensive team.

Great team win for Michigan State.