LeBron James being Shutdown reaction

This was the smartest thing the Los Angeles Lakers have done in the past 2 weeks. The Lakers have announced that LeBron James will be shutdown for the rest of the season.

This move should have happened once the Lakers were eliminated from playoff contention.

LeBron James physical therapist said LeBron should have been out for 6 months not 6 weeks. If I’m the Lakers front office once the team was is no longer in the playoff picture, I’m telling LeBron to shutdown because I want a healthy LeBron to start next year.

The Lakers are going to go through a big make mover this offseason becasue they will hire a new coaching staff after they hire their new head coach, they will also target shooters or guys who can score to help LeBron next year.

Now that LeBron is shutdown the Lakers can plan on what to do with each player. Do they trade certain players like Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma or even Lonzo Ball.

We are going to see some big changes from the Lakers this offseason because their offseason starts now.