Russell Westbrook 20-20-20 game reaction

Last night Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook did something that was so rare that most people do not realize how rare it is. It is rare to see a player get 20 points ,21 assists with 20 rebounds.

Only one other person had a statline like that was Wilt Chamberlain. MJ or LeBron never had a game like Westbrook did last night.

People can say all they want about the last two rebounds, that they were given to him. I get that but it is hard for any guard to get 18 rebounds in general. Plus explain the 21 assists he had.

He found guys wide open all night, he crashed boards. Yeah he missed a lot of shots but he is still doing what ever he can to help his team win, it can be scoring or passing.

Westbrook came into league as a scoring point guard who can play defense. Now he has transformed his game into an all around game because he can do everything.

He can score,rebound and pass. That’s why he averaged a Triple-Double the last two years.

He might even end the season again averaging a Triple-Double again, that is unbelievable. Ask any basketball historian or analyst outside of Westbrook would we ever see anyone average a triple double again? Will we ever see a 20-20-20 game again?

They would all say NO, the game is being played in a different way now which makes it even more incredibility hard.

Westbrook had a night that should not be forgotten because we might not ever see a player get a stat line like this again.

Congrats to Westbrook on a historical night.