Final Four Prediction

This weekend we are going some good college basketball. I know it will. Or be as exciting because Duke is no longer in the Tournament.

But we have a two really good matchups. The underdogs the University of Auburn will face off against the only 1 seed left the University of Virginia.

The next match up is the surprising Texas Tech University against Michigan State University who might be favorites now to win it all.

Here are my predictions:

Auburn over Virginia

I think Auburn speed will be to much for Virginia to handle. Virginia is use to playing a slow game with only a little bit of speed. Auburn on the other hand loves to run the whole time.

Plus Auburn has great momentum going into this game. That is why Auburn will win.

Michigan State over Texas Tech

This game will more close than everyone thinks. Michigan State is very good team but I think they will not take Texas Tech that seriously. Coming off that game against Duke Michigan is definitely feeling themselves saying they are going to win it all.

That will haunt them in the first half when Texas Tech comes out firing because not many people are picking Texas to win. They have nothing to lose so I see them having a great first half but Michigan State will come back in the second half and take over.