Texas Tech vs Virginia National Championship game reaction

Yesterday the NCAA showed all of us a good game. It will be forgotten really soon because most people want Duke to play in the National Championship.

I get it it was not the Championship game we all wanted. But this is a great story the University of Virginia last year were eliminated last year by a 16th seed as a 1st seed.

I thought they were gonna lose in the round of Elite Eight, but they stuck around. With luck on their side they were able to survive very tough games like their last game against the University of Auburn.

From what I saw last night that since Virginia played at such a slow pace they allow Texas Tech to comeback on them. I have seen this the whole tournament look at every game Virginia played they are all close.

They allow teams to comeback on them because of their slow pace of play which is not new to anyone. But they made big plays when they needed them.

The biggest play of the game was De’Andre Hunter who plays for Virginia when he made a 3 to tie the game to send the game into overtime where Virginia took over.

What shocked me the most was that Texas Tech who is known for their defense, they kept allowing Virginia to get easy shots in key moments of the game.

If you are suppose to be a defensive team why are you allowing wide open shots in the biggest moments of game. You dug yourself into a hole that not many teams were able to dig out of.

Outside of that credit to Virginia because this is a story that will talked about for a very long time because they had the biggest turnaround of all time the the NCAA March Madness tournament.

The only thing is that not many people are going to remember this championship game.