Tiger Woods Winning the Maters reaction

Yesterday will go down as one the most memorable moments in Golf and Sports history. Arguably the greatest Golf player of all time Tiger Woods won The Masters to end his Major Championship brought that lasted over 10 years.

Tiger won the Masters with a score of -13. He was unbelievable, he was clam, cool and poised coming into the final round which led him to victory.

I was so happy for Tiger because he deserved it after all he gone through ever since his last Major Championship the US Open in 2008.

The scandal between him and his ex-wife, the multiple surgeries, and his game was diminishing all happened in a 10 year span. I said before Tiger had the biggest meltdown of any superstar in sports.

We saw him get a lot of scrutiny in his personal life which led to play on the field which was not great at all. We did not see the “Killer Tiger” we saw a guy who looked weak.

Then last year in the PGA Championship we saw the old Tiger who has the ability to win a Major Championship when he made a huge comeback to get him in second place.

This past weekend we saw after the first 3 days that Tiger was right their for the win.Then in the last round he took over. He he got himself in trouble early but he was able to escape it with ease.

He got birdies in the biggest moments and the rest of field struggle because the knew the Tiger Roar was too much. Look at Francesco Molinari he had a horrible day he double bogey in the 12th and 15th hole.

Molinari collapse, the only player who stayed clam was Brooks Koepka who did not faced the roar but he did hear it which hurt him a bit because he knew Tiger was coming.

Brooks at 2 chances at birdie at the 17th and 18th hole,but he did not make those shots that could have helped at least get to -13. Which would have ended in a tie for 1st.

At the end of day the Fan Favorite Tiger Woods won the Master because it was his time, he is final healthy and got his game back.

Congratulations Tiger Woods.