Russell Wilson got PAID

This morning news broke out that the Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson have agreed on a contract extension for 4 years worth 140 million with 65 million guaranteed with a no-trade clause.

This contract will make Russell Wilson the highest paid player in the NFL. He will earn 35 million annually. I’m Happy for Wilson because his extension was long over due.

This was a great deal for Wilson but not for the Seahawks. The Seahawks put themselves in a hole that is hard to dig out of, they are in a similar situation as the Green Bay Packers.

The quarterback is responsible for most the salary cap which will make the team rely on draft picks for talent instead of signing big free agents.

Which we saw this year the Packers did not have a successful season. Mostly because they did not any weapons to help Arron Rodgers outside of Davante Adams. Jimmy Graham did not develop a chemistry with Rodgers which was huge.

The Packers might be starting to regret on how much money annually because they did not have any money to get Rodgers the weapons he needs in order to be successful.

The biggest part of Wilson contract is the No-Trade Clause. This gives Wilson more leeway on the Seahawks. If the Seahawks get a trade they like from any team for Wilson, guess what Wilson can say NO.

That will force the Seahawks to accept a bad trade for Wilson because Wilson will have complete control on which teams can trade for him.

Congrats Russell Wilson.