Mookie Betts is overrated

I’m sick and tired of people saying that Boston Red Soxs right fielder Mookie Betts is a top 10 player in baseball. He is not a top 10 player, he is an All-Star at BEST.

Mookie is a good player but he is so inconsistent, I personal felt he shouldn’t have won the AL MVP last year. I felt the award should have gone to his teammate JD Martinez.

The award is called “Most Valuable Player” last time I check Mookie and other Red Sox teammates raved about how JD improved their lineup and helped the team so much ever since he showed up.

In 2017 the Red Sox where one of the worst power hitting teams in all of baseball. They finished 27th in Home Runs, then JD Martinez signs with team they finish 9th in Home Runs the next year. That shows how valuable JD was to that team.

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In case if all of you are having trouble thinking of better players here is list of 10 postion players that are better than Mookie Betts. (I am a New York Yankees fan, so I did not put any Yankees player or pitcher so Betts had a better chance to make this list.)

Mike Trout, Nolan Arenado, Francisco Lindor, Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman, Christian Yelich, Bryce Harper, Ronald Acuna Jr., Paul Goldschmidt, Manny Machado.

All of these players are better than Betts. No one will question Trout. Arenado much better at defense (2 time Platinum Gloves Winner to Mookie 0) a more consistent hitter look at the stats. Arenado will hit over .300 with over 30 close to 40 home runs with over 120 RBI’s.

People will bring up the defensive player of the year in 2016 (guess what he should not have won that either). That award should have gone to Arenado or Tampa Bay Rays Center Fielder Kevin Keimer because Center fielders have to cover more ground than right field.

Lindor is a much better player because he keeps making progess every year,Mookie does not look the stats. Mookie went from great in 2016 to poor in 2017 to great again in 2018 to playing poor this year.

The same case can be made for all of those players on the list above.

A bad year for Mookie is batting .264 with 24 home runs with 102 RBI’s with 77 walks.

A down year for Bryce Harper was batting .250 with 34 home runs, 100 RBI’s and 130 walks. Yes, Harper is not having a great year with Philadelphia Phillies but that won’t last long. Harper will play better in the second half of the season this year.

Manny Machado is .259 with 33 Home runs with 95 RBI’s and 50 walks, that was on a last place team last year before he was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers:

From 2016 to now all of these players outside of Acuna Jr. and Bregman have been ascending up. Mookie has not. Look at the stats from 2016 to this day all players are better than Mookie.

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For Bregman it is from 2017 to now. Their is no question Bregman is better because he is trending in the right direction. He hits for power, solid average, and is great fielding 3rd baseman.

Acuna Jr. is 20 years old people and look at what he is doing, he is the best player on the Braves at 20 years old that automatically shows he better than Mookie. Mookie did not put the numbers Acuna Jr. did in his rookie year.

I like said before Mookie is good player, he is an All-Star at best. But he is not a Top 10 player which makes him overrated.

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