The Celtics need Kyrie Irving

I know the playoffs just began but what others and I expected to see is happening. It is that Boston Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving has to carry the Celtics to the Finals.

Last night in game 2 of the first round the Celtics beat the Indiana Pacers. Irving was the leading force in the game with 37 points. He made everyone Pacers look bad because no one last night was able to guard him.

This should not be a surprise to anyone because Irving has should in the past,when the playoffs come he is can take over game from start to finish. Not to say the he does not take over games in the regular season.

In the regular season Irving has closed out games, it is just not as much he did in previous playoff runs before he was traded to the Celtics.

I can say this the Celtics can win the Finals if Irving stays healthy, because if Kyrie Irving is not there I do believe the Celtics go as far as the second round. That is because the Eastern Conference is much stronger than it was last year.

Irving brings playoff experience which is huge for the Celtics because they are a young team. The youth hurt them last year in game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

No one had the experience of a big game like that on that roster outside of Kyrie Irving. In the past Kyrie showed up in those games, look at the Finals games that he played in. He took the 2 time MVP Steph Curry to school.

He outscored him and most importantly outplayed him. The big game performance Kyrie Irving brings to Celtics is the biggest key for the Celtics to get to and win the Finals.