Kevin Durant will leave the Warriors

This might be one of the most anticipated offseasons of all time. Everyone wants to know, where will Kevin Durant sign this offseason. I know one thing for sure he will not re-sign with the Warriors.

A lot of reports came out so far that their is a good chance Durant does not resign with the Golden State Warriors because he already has two feet out the door. Also, that Warriors at least want to re-sign Durant one more year, so they can have him for when they open their new arena in San Francisco.

I do believe the reports that Kevin Durant will leave because he is tired of all us saying that he didn’t really win those championships. Everyone considers the league unfair because Durant joined a 73 win team that was one win away from a championship.

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We all knew the Warriors were going to win the NBA Finals because they have the best lineup in basketball once Durant signed with them. Which makes saying Durant really did not win those championships is valid.

If Durant can win a title on another team outside of the Warriors, I know for sure that we will all finally give him credit for winning a title. We will not consider him as a tag along on a team.

That is probably the biggest thought on his mind. He reads all the comments fans put on Twitter, seen all the tv reporters say if he wins somewhere else that they would validated him as the best player on the planet.

The same thing happened to LeBron, everyone says his greatest championship was the one with Cleveland. Imagine if Durant helps the New York Knicks win a title, that would be huge for his career.

Bringing a team that considerably the worst team in all of basketball to the best team in the NBA would be monumental for Durant.

So, I do believe Durant will leave Golden State because we wants to prove to world that can win a title on his own instead being a tag along on a great team that never needed him.