Dave Gettleman vs Odell Backham Jr

Yesterday Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. went on Twitter to respind to all of his haters after hearing the news of what current New York Giants General Manger Dave Gettleman said about him.

A question was ask to Gettleman if there is a “culture problem” in the locker room. Gettleman answered it by saying “Not anymore,” everyone knew he was taking a shot at OBJ.

Gettleman has to let it go, ok you traded OBJ, we get it. Gettleman has been talking at press conferences like he is so proud of himself by trading a 26 year old wide receiver in his prime. The most famous quote he said this offseason was about Odell. “We did not sign him, to trade him.”

So Odell took out his frustration on trolls and haters on Twitter.

Odell is not in the wrong to respond back because “FAKE GIANTS FANS” always tell me “Odell needs to grow up, I hate his dancing and he is to much of a distraction.” Odell had every right to defend him name after those comments by Gettleman.

What fans and the front office has to realize is that when Odell did the things he did on the sideline the Giants were losing the game. What happened in all of those game the Giants ended up losing.

Tell one incident he had when they win, please tell me, I would love to know when he did something on the sideline when they won a game.

Plus he did not do anything off the field. People Like to bring up the hotel incident which was not an incident. He has bring drug tested hundreds of time since that video came out and has not failed any test.

Do not say Odell was the culture problem when he did not do anything bad this year.

The culture problem with Giants is the front office and coaching. They have had numerous amounts talent over the past years and still have not won anything.

If the New York Giants want to start winning games they need to hire a new GM, Coaching staff. The ones they have right now in place are going to bury them to the ground.