NFL Draft 1st Round Reaction

This 1st round of the NFL Draft was full of surprises. We saw a bunch of picks we did not see coming. The majority of these picks were the wrong picks.

I have seen some dumb picks since I started watching football but I never thought I could see so many in one night. I was blown away by it, the Oakland Raiders, New York Giants, and the Atlanta Falcons shocked me the most.

Certain teams took advantage of all the surprise picks like the Jacksonville Jaguars, Baltimore Ravens and the Washington Redskins.


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Best Pick: Baltimore Ravens, Marquise Brown 

Only two wide receivers were taken in the first round, Baltimore got the best one. Marquise Brown will make a difference for the Ravens. He can run all the routes, has great speed and sure hands. This was best pick in my eyes.

Worst Pick: New York Giants, Daniel Jones

As a Giants fan, I have no words for this. That was the WORST pick I have ever seen. WHY would you draft a guy who shouldn’t even be an NFL QUARTERBACK. Jones was an average quarterback at best he was not deserving of being the 6th overall pick, When Josh Allen was on the board.

Sleeper Pick: New England Patriots, N’Keal Harry

I was saying ok that is not a bad pick. If the everyone knew the Patriots were going to draft a receiver we would all expect them to get Metclaf, Brown. Not Harry because his stock has fallen ever since the combine. We all thought Metcalf was going to be the first wideout off the board. What do the Patriots see that we have not seen.

The biggest shock of this draft was the amount of players left on the draft board. Cornerback Greedy Williams, Wide Receivers DK Metcalf, AJ Brown and so many more great players that were not drafted last night.

Hopefully tonight we can see those players get drafted because there is ton of 1st round talent left on the board.